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PhosphorTech Corporation was formed in 1998 with the support of the Advanced Technology Development Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology. After successfully commercializing many SBIR-funded technologies, PhosphorTech has developed into an independent corporation with internationally recognized accomplishments in the fields of photonic semiconductors and novel nano-materials for energy-efficient applications.

PhosphorTech Corporation has recently started growing at a fast pace and is continuously seeking new areas of research and product development. Currently, the company's scientists, engineers, and technicians are involved in a multitude of R&D, engineering, and product development projects for clients. The mission of PhosphorTech is to develop and manufacture new photonic materials, nano-materials, and advanced technologies for energy-efficient applications (“Green Technologies”). These applications range from solid state lighting and electronic imaging, to greenhouse gas reforming into useful chemicals and solar fuels. The company's current nano-technologies also find a range of other applications including solar cells, sensors, biomedical, and water/air purification.

PhosphorTech’s corporate objectives are to:

  1. Continue to manufacture and license advanced phosphor materials and related technologies
  2. Apply its current expertise towards development of solar fuels and environmental remediation products.
  3. Expand distribution channels and manufacturing facilities
  4. Constantly engage in research & development activities in order to maintain competitiveness and improve current technologies.

PhosphorTech’s core competencies are:

  1. Intellectual properties (through various existing patents and on-going patent applications)
  2. World-recognized expertise in photonic material preparation and technologies
  3. Developing strategic alliances with major manufacturers of energy-efficient and energy-producing products and services

PhosphorTech's current capabilities include a wide range of equipment for the production, coating, and testing of optical materials and devices. The company is currently applying its resource base to the manufacturing of novel photonic materials, single and multilayered optical structures, nanocrystals and related technologies. The founders and employees of PhosphorTech have a wide range of experience in the evaluation, development, synthesis, manufacturing, and deposition of phosphors and various photonic and nano technologies.  PhosphorTech is therefore founded from a basis of programs in applied research coupled with many new technical innovations and extensive industrial partnerships. This experience and accumulated knowledge makes us well aware of customer problems and able to provide high-quality solutions in a cost-effective manner.


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