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American Leasing has thousands of satisfied clients leasing various types of equipment. Here is a list of recent customer types who have worked with us:.
INDUSTRY  Midwest City/County Judicial District   Western Trucking Company    Western Agricultural Cooperative   Regional Reprographics Company   Mountain Manufacturing Company   Regional Orthopedics Facility   East Coast Non-Profit Corporation (501C3)   Mountain Manufacturing Company   Regional Bottled Water Manufacturer   International Sporting Goods Manufacturer   Regional Property Management Company   Regional Collection Agency EQUIPMENT  Alcohol Monitoring Ankle Bracelets    Long Haul Tractors    Agricultural Equipment    Printing Equipment    Computer Equipment    X-ray and Digital Processing Equipment   Busses     Computer Equipment    Factory Production and Transportation Equipment   Manufacturing Equipment    Computer Equipment   Scanning Equipment DOLLAR AMOUNT   $36,000     $3,800,000     $460,000     $154,000     $22,000     $750,000     $85,000     $48,000     $800,000     $80,000     $120,000     $90,000 TERM  24 Months    36 Months    48 Months    60 Months    36 Months    42 Months    60 Months    36 Months    60 Months    60 Months    36 Months    36 Months STRUCTURE  Municipal Lease with Non Appropriations clause  TRAC Lease with negative implicite rate to the customer   True Lease with PRR Option   Capital Lease  with $1.00 Purchase Option    True Lease    FASB Operating Lease     True Lease     True Lease     True Lease     True Lease     True Lease     True Lease Home Company Profile Lease Programs Vendor Information Lease Application Broker Application Off Lease 4 Sale Recent Leases Contact Us
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Recent Leases