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What We Do

Bolton Photosciences Inc. currently offers consulting services in the general area of ultraviolet (UV) technologies.

Our consulting services will aid clients in:

  • Providing expertise in UV technologies
  • Assessing competing vendor proposals for UV disinfection and advanced oxidation technologies
  • Providing advice in photochemical and photolysis processes
  • Helping to optimize the design of UV reactors for water treatment and air treatment
  • Understanding how UV driven technologies can be successfully implemented
  • Calculating the fluence rate (irradiance) distribution around one or more UV lamps in a UV reactor using the program UVCalc®
  • Providing third party supervision of UV lamp testing and biodosimetry tests of UV reactors
  • Presenting Workshops on UV technologies and Advanced Oxidation Technologies
  • Dr. James Bolton has over 35 years experience in UV and Advanced Oxidation technologies. He has a BA and MA from the University of Saskatchewan and a PhD from the University of Cambridge. He has over 280 publications, including 11 books and 8 patents.

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