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"The messages this book contains are so logically insightful that they seem like common sense.  I readily identified with the inspirational intelligence it has to offer."  Christopher Sheehy, 18, Dana Hills High School, California.

"The 7 Best Things (Smart) Teens Do is a clear, easy-to-read book which will help teenagers better understand themselves and help them relate to their parents."  Liz Chu, Roseville High School, Minnesota.

"Thank you for letting me read this wonderul book.  The 7 Best Things (Smart) Teens Do should be required reading for high school health class." Danny Suchy, 15, LaCrosse, Wisconsin, highest honor roll, varsity soccer and tennis, academic/athletic award recipient, Eagle Scout.

"This book is funny at times, but also very serious.  There is a great variety of stories and topics and a lot of great tips and advice.  It is a very good book, and I highly recommend it to all ages."  John Giese, 18, Mora, Minnesota and freshman at St. Olaf College.

"Drawing from many resources, this book successfully deals with the challenges every teenager faces and communicates a respectful understanding from an older generation." Laura Wonch, 18, Grand Rapids, Michigan.


"I wish this book had been available to me and my parents when I was a teen.  It's a treasure trove of psychological wisdom and guidance for today's teens and their parents.  I highly recommend it." William Doherty, Ph.D. Professor of Family Social Science, University of Minnesota, and author of "Take Back Your Kids: Confident Parenting in Turbulent Times (Sorin Books).

"Finally-a teen's guide to happiness and success! Destined to be a classic, this book teaches the wisdom of maturity with a genuine respect for youth.  Required reading for teens, parents, and all of those who have been either." Pat Love, Ed.D., author of The Truth About Love.

"Few people question the fact that young people are challenges. However, many more would question the "Fact" that teenagers are challenges if they had the insights of Linda and John Friel.  This book is must reading for both teens and parents.  I especially liked the "competence traps" and the "tips" for teens." Jon Carlson, Ph.D., Ed.D., ABPP Host, Parenting With The Experts, Distinguished Professor at Governors State University.

Two Scots

"With hindsight, my adolescence was marred by the extremes that both teachers and parents projected onto us teenagers, causing self-doubt and rigidity. Pity that the Friels were not publishing books when I was that confused teenager. Great work; keep it up." Peter Charad - Bannockburn, Scotland.

"This book helps explain why it was all so difficult and why it needn't have been. I wish every parent could read it for their children and themselves. Its a second chance for all of us who have missed out on completing that second stage, to get through it and start to grow up." Clare Trodden - Edinburgh, Scotland

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