User Safety

Answers to Your User Safety Instructions

Houston Wire Works in South Houston, TX offers answers to your user safety instructions. For the attention of The Safety Manager:

Transport Racks

Always ensure the equipment you are using for handling racks is suitable and in good repair.
Always observe good practice when lifting, stacking and moving racks.
Do not drag racks across other racks when positioning or lifting.
Ensure bottles are correctly located and cannot fall from the rack when lifting or moving.
Ensure racks are correctly positioned onto the lower racks when stacking.
Loaded racks should not be stacked more than two high.
Only lift one transport rack at a time.
Only trained personnel should operate fork lift trucks.
Racks should only be lifted with an evenly distributed load. The forks are positioned at a span of approx. 75% of the rack width and an equal distance from each side.

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