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Notre Gift offers amazing candles that when ignited, gradually change colors from red, to green, to blue. Originally a retail gift shop based in Helen, GA, the company is now offering its unique product online owing to its popularity. We handmake color changing candles with romantic lavender scents, and also with popular scents from Victoria’s Secret: Dream Angel, Very Sexy For Her, and Love Spell. Scents like these will make your moments at home more special and enjoyable. Brighten up your home and soothe your senses today with our scented candles.

Our color changing handles are available in a variety of different styles and packaging. They are perfect for any home and are also great gift items. They make your home warm and inviting for various events and parties!

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Our color changing candles are one-of-a-kind and are sure to create a relaxing atmosphere. We also offer exciting gifts. Enjoy a purchase today.