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About Us
Our Story

“Robyn and I have always believed in the fundamental value of hard work and determination. We both come from large families in Utah who instilled in us the value of diligent work; my father had a busy veterinary practice that operated out of our home. Our children are now a part of Prairie Grain and we have been raising them to place a value on the same work ethic instilled in us.

One thing we have missed about Utah when we moved our family to Richmond, VA over 20 years ago is the delicious, high-quality, wholesome bread. We knew we wanted to bring that style of bread to our new home and continue the tradition. We considered the possibility of a franchise, but once we delved further into the process we discovered it would greatly limit the ingredients we could use, the products we could sell, and essentially inhibit the bakery we wanted to be.

We started our own independent micro-bakery 18 years ago that focuses on the use of all-natural ingredients: The Prairie Grain Bread Co. is now located in Midlothian, VA at the Village Market Place. Since moving to our new location we have nearly doubled in size.

With a great deal of hard work and determination (and a little bit of luck), we’ve been able to create our livelihood out of making bread that tastes just like home. Now, with the aid of our dependable employees to help share the workload, we’re able to enjoy the results of the hard work we’ve put into this company.”

- Jeff & Robyn Gold - Owners and Founders of Prairie Grain Bread Company

Our Product

Our fresh-ground wheat straight from Montana is what sets our products apart from the rest. Our wheat arrives monthly by the truck load and goes straight into the mill room for our stones to begin work.

Because we make our own flour from all-natural wholesome wheat, all the beneficial nutrients are already there. For added nutrition, we also add flaxseed to our nine-grain bread - a best-seller. Our low-carb “spelt” bread has also been a very popular item for those with wheat allergies and also because of the positive health effects.

Some of our items are sold exclusively at our location in Midlothian, VA such as our Cinnamon Swirl, Sourdough, Pumpkin Raisin, and more. Robyn loves to experiment with new combinations of flavors and conducts her own market research to gage their popularity – free taste tests for all patrons who pass by our bakery!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our online store, come and visit our bakery and deli in Richmond, VA!
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