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ProfilingPro Associate Registration: $1597.00
Indicate your membership(s) below to receive the conditional registration fee of $497.00*

You will receive your confirmation and access information for your Customized DISC Online Assessment (OA) Account, access to education, training and support material within the authorized area of ProfilingPro, personal & group teleclass coaching, and customized support to help you reach your goals.

* fee subject to change

Annual Renewal: No annual renewal when the minimum activity level is met, which qualifies you to have the annual renewal fee waived. Otherwise, the annual renewal fee of $49.00 will be processed on your renewal date automatically to keep your account and benefits active. Should you wish to have your Online Assessment (OA) Account and access to the ProfilingPro Associates' benefits deactivated, please notify us by mail or email prior to your renewal date. After renewal is processed, in order to keep our fees as low as possible by keeping our administrative costs to a minimum, we do not provide any refunds on renewals automatically processed.

Note: Please refer to the Provisions in the Essentials Area of the Authorized Administrators Area of after you receive your account activation information.