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The educational system in the United States is profoundly inequitable. A system of funding derived from unequal local tax bases coupled with neighborhoods that remain intensely segregated ensures differences by race/ethnicity. Compared to white children, children of color are more likely to attend schools that are overcrowded, under-funded, and staffed by less experienced teachers (many of whom are unversed in the culture, and sometimes even native languages, of their students). The resources in this section demonstrate all of these points, as well attempting to provide some strategies for overcoming a system that stacks the decks consistently against children of color as a group.

Todd Lacher, CAPD
[PDF, 291kb]
Bay Area School Reform Collaborative
[PDF, 1,504kb]
Sally Leiderman, Andrew Furco, Jennifer Zapf and Megan Goss
[PDF, 408kb]
National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy
[PDF, 577kb]
British Columbia Ministry of Education
[PDF, 217kb]
The Institute for Educational Leadership
[PDF, 2,758kb]
Hopkins Minnesota Board of Education
[PDF, 1,404kb]
Schott Foundation for Public Education
[PDF, 1,102kb]
Julian Weissglass, The National Coalition for Equity in Education
[PDF, 126kb]
Erika Frankenberg, The Harvard Civil Rights Project
[PDF, 450kb]
The Schott Foundation for Public Education
[PDF, 1840kb]
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