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Welcome to Racial Equity Tools

A web site designed to support people and groups who are working for inclusion, racial equity and social justice. The site includes ideas, strategies and tips, as well as a clearinghouse of resources and links from many sources.

If this is your first visit to the site, please review the Introduction, which shares what we mean by "racial equity" and how it might be achieved, describes the organization of the site and acknowledges those who contributed to its development.

For those ready to jump right in, we encourage you to explore the contents of the site by reviewing the Site Map, which identifies the different types of resources and tools available.

Racial Equity Tools is a companion site to Evaluation Tools for Racial Equity - which helps people track progress and document results of similar work, in racially explicit and competent ways.

On April 19th, The Arizona State Legislature passed (and Gov. Brewer signed) one of the nation's most restrictive and comprehensive bills on immigration enforcement in the nation. Many people have argued that the bill will inevitably lead to increases in racial profiling.

The National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights is already seeing real consequences from this law on the ground (see NNIR's Web site) and the magazine ColorLines argues the movement behind this legislation is already national in scope (ColorLines Article). There is clearly a pressing need everyone who cares about racial equity issues to get involved in this debate.

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