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Creating a Plan of Action

This section includes resources for deciding which steps to take to move toward your racial equity goals. Some of the frameworks are explicit about issues of racism, privilege and power, and some are not. When they are not, we encourage you to use the Reviewing Resources tip sheet to help you assess their value to your work, and add missing considerations related to racism, privilege and power.

Some questions a group can ask itself as it develops a plan to work toward racial equity include:

  • What does research and the experience of others suggest about what is the complete set of strategies (and tactics) needed to get you where you want to go?
  • When you are drawing on research and others' experience, on what is the evidence of success based and for whom? For example, is there specific evidence that the strategy works for each racial/ethnic group?
  • Does your approach consider the ways in which racial disparities are maintained in your community? Do your strategies address them?
  • Does your approach consider the likely impact of various strategies on particular groups, in addition to the intent of those strategies?

Specific topics covered:

This section offers resources about opportunities and trends on which to build a racial equity plan, and about ways to create messages for why change needs to happen.

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