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Sustaining the Effort

Many racial equity or social justice efforts begin in response to a crisis or when energy is very high around the issue in question. Then people become overwhelmed by what it seems to take to create meaningful change, so they stop. Or, things are really changing, but it requires more money and new kinds of top level support to go the next step. Some people want more process and some want more action. People get frustrated with the pace. Some well-meaning people drop away, and some not so well-meaning people resist changes that threaten their current relationships to power, money and the status quo.

This section provides resources and tips on ways to move work forward past the initial round of enthusiasm and support, and to continue building the capacity of a group or community to learn from and refine its work. All of these are important to sustaining any community or system change effort, and they are particularly important for work that is attempting to undo structural or institutional racism.

Specific topics covered:

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