Problem for Buyers: ALL websites with MLS listings are not complete - You won't get 100% of the actual MLS listings. The MLS database itself is NOT online.
Reason: Many Brokers do NOT agree to the IDX (Internet Data Exchange) agreement of the MLS, and so they "opt out" their listings.
Solution: Complete my Property Search Form and I will personally search and email you report(s) that do have 100% of the listings (direct from the MLS), and nothing will be left out!
This service is FREE, but I expect you to eventually work with me as your REALTOR!®
Buyers pay NO brokerage fee and Sellers pay the brokerage fee to the Listing Broker, who pays me, but whom I have no duty or loyalty to.
I only have a fiduciary relationship with you, th buyer, to treat you as I would like to be treated.
This is the Golden Rule I have sworn to uphold as part of the Realtor Code of Ethics since 1982.
If a Seller is not paying a brokerage fee (because they are "by owner" and not listed with a Broker), beware! Both of you cannot "save" the same amount, and yet no broker is representing either party. This is a dangerous bear trap, waiting to ensnare both buyers & sellers into a nightmare. I'll give you some idea what it is like to deal directly with a principal: Have you ever used to sell something? You will encounter very flakey people, because that is the nature of that atmosphere. You can find a ton of stuff there FREE or very LOW COST. But it's NOT the place for Real Estate.