Since 1997, Southwest Golf Supply has been providing quality, golf industry products to the individual golfer as well as to golf courses/driving ranges, corporate settings through many unique branding or other group/team projects. We cater to the golfing individuals as well to the larger golf industry needs and to the corporate world. We help golfers with their unique needs of playable golf balls in single ball quantity or up to multiple dozens (read pallet quantity) of the same style or name of ball, to the golf pro who needs a thousand dozen of high quality range or resale balls for the course pro shop or their driving range.

Through multiple methods of acquiring golf balls, retrieving balls from on course water hazards, or purchasing balls from individuals living near or those working at courses, enables us to be selective and aware of product availability. We then treat them in our new facility in El Cajon, California, which was set up to extensively and exclusively to utilize resources in a manner of complimenting efforts of earth friendly cleaning materials and processes.

Through our hands on sorting procedures, we eliminate those that do not quality from the many brought to us on any given day. Most balls we refurbish to a higher quality standard for reuse and if they do not qualify to satisfy your distinctive needs, we convert those to become novelty items. The final product of all those steps produces the individual categories of brands, models, colors and quality. This allows our golf customers a large choice to fit his or her needs at the lowest possible prices.

As a result of this modification process, we have produced a large product line of balls designed for gifts or for the golfer, the course pro, or that person who wants to accent his or her business office or home to declare their affection for the game. Sort of like trophies. In addition, we offer personalized custom golf balls from small to large lot quantities for one golfer or for larger needs in corporate branding, events or golf tournaments.

Our retrieving service helps courses and ranges to maintain their greens and water hazards complementing its beautiful setting. Most importantly, this service is part of a very large segment of the golf industry which enables the industry to replace many of the two billion (2,000,000,000) newly manufactured balls each year offsetting the costly need of constructing new ones. This helps to reduce the environmental issues we all face today. We estimate that about ½ of those produced as brand new are salvaged back into the industry for to be reused for many years. In addition, they are offered at greatly reduced cost to the golfer satisfying another service aspect of a very large sport.

For individuals needing the necessary tools to play the game or for those who are in need of acquiring gifts for other golfers, we offer a quantity of reusable playable or range balls to suit the needs of the beginner, expert golfer or those having golf industry needs. We are based in San Diego County, California, but currently operate in all Western states. We look forward to be of service to you in your town or community.