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How to Listen to God - the Program

Since its publication in December 2000, those seeking a spiritual way of life have enthusiastically received the How to Listen to God book.  Many of you have made telephone calls or sent e-mails suggesting how the concept of two-way prayer first described in the four-page "How to Listen to God pamphlet" could be expanded into a complete program of recovery, renewal and rebirth.

As the result of your suggestions, the middle seven chapters of the How to listen to God book have been incorporated into a How to Listen to God Teacher's Guide for anyone interested in carrying this life-changing message to others.  The guide consists of seven one-hour sessions.  The topics are:

  1. God Speaks!

  2. The Four Standards

  3. Step One: Surrender

  4. Step Two: Sharing

  5. Step Three: Restitution

  6. Step Four: Guidance

  7. The Five C’s of Life Changing

The sessions provide step-by-step instructions on how to establish and maintain a two-way communication with "the God who speaks."  Handouts for each of the seven sessions are included with the guide.  

To order the materials to start a How to Listen to God group click here

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