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It Works--It Really Does!

Letters from the front lines!

Send us your story of how Back to Basics has changed your life. Sharing your story could save the life of someone else! 
Email us your story now!

From Ian
Nov. 9, 2015

Hi there my friend .I am in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico about 1200 miles south of you (Tucson, AZ).  I live here thru the winter arriving in late October and leaving in early April.


This town has an Alano Club which influenced me to pick this place to do Back to Basics.  When I first came here I started an English B2B group that has become fairly successful but of course controversial.  The ongoing success was fully due to a loving and powerful God that started to change lives in a big way.


This club caters to the English speaking minority in this area, but there is a small group of bilingual Mexicans that attend here consistently and have become involved with the B2B movement.  This little "core energy group" is what I have connected with in order to take, in Spanish, the Dr. Bob method into the Mexican community.


I feel that the battle is still worth it, especially when you talk to a newcomer and see that they finally have some hope in their soul that maybe, just maybe, they can get sober and happy.  Well my friend, I guess that is enough for now.  I truly miss hanging with you and have hopes that we can get together in the not too distant future.



From Ric P.
Date: June 3, 2012

Greetings, my name is Ric. 

I am very interested in starting a new Back to Basics meeting in Michigan. 

I spent years in and out of AA meetings without getting any results. Finally one day in a vacant house that I was living in, when I had nothing to offer anyone, let alone God. I offered my life to Him and asked that He show me how to live it. (step 3) My life has never been the same. Since then I have been moved to learning the 12 steps and sharing thier message. After years of study, I have found that this program is the best way to spread the good news and give a dying person hope.

Ric L.

From Kevin L
Date: Jul 17, 2011


Over 11 years ago you visited Gallatin TN. and presented a one day Back to Basics seminar. To date people are still talking about what an amazing life changing day that was. 

After the overwhelming positive response from  that day I went to Tennessee Christian Medical Center , and approached the director Nan Casey with the idea of incorporating Back to Basics into their Intensive Out Patient Program. This Beginner Meeting is still going on and the response is still "this is so easy", "why don't they do it like this everywhere"? As you say, it works, it really does! 

I have no idea how many newcomers I have personally taken thru the steps, but at my home group as soon as a newcomer comes thru the door we immediately schedule the Four 1 Hour Sessions with them, prior to the AA Meeting, and in two weeks they HAVE TAKEN ALL 12 STEPS! [we meet twice a week] This is also in keeping with our Tradition of the Groups Primary Purpose is to carry the message to the alcoholic still suffers.

Kevin L.

From Pattie W
Date: Sep 9, 2010

Dear Wally P.  
I just ordered our Back To Basics text books on your web site and it was a very nice experience.  I have been doing your Back To Basics Group in 
Florence SC for about ll years!  It has been a wonderful experience for me and the folks who attend the meetings.  You may recall that you and I 
had talk about 2 years ago.  The church where I was doing the group had burned down to the ground.  Everything in the church was ashes except 
our Back To Basics Books and Big Books that we had on hand.  This was truly a miracle from God.  Thank you so much.

From TJ
Date: Feb 16, 2010

Hi Wally
Just wanted to share with you how the B2B has changed my life. Several years ago (6 - 7?) A man came back to Boise I'd to share the B2B. 
We found  a home group and I helped facilitate that meeting for 23 months. After a few months of a break for me I helped a different home group 
start a B2B meeting I was with them for about 10 months. Another few month off and I was asked to bring a meeting in to a men's Sober living house. 
Their are actually 2 houses owned by the same man. I conducted the B2B meetings there for 30 months or so. 
Now at a new location we are in formerly sharing the B2B over the past month. And waiting for approval to get a time slot, 1:30pm, to conduct the 
Beginners Meeting on a weekly basses. M and Tu session 1, 2 Wed do a group 5th step and sessions 4&5 thurs and fri. 
I just thought u might like to know that the Back to Basics is alive and well in the Treasure Valley in Idaho.
Your friend in AA

as B
Date: Oct 26, 2009

Dear Wally,

I want to thank you for your tremendous research and commitment to bringing the great knowledge from the old days into our time. Reading the "How to Listen to God" book is truly inspiring and I've begun to see wonderful improvements in my life by following it's recommendations.

Thank you so much. I'm using the ideas with my sponsee and it's working well. I can't wait to read future books you write and publish. Many, many thanks.

From Stewart K
Date: May 7, 2008

Dear Wally,

We would like to take the opportunity to write to you to let you know how our Back to Basics group is doing since we started up in November 2007. We have a dedicated group conscience core of 8. Since we opened our doors in St Marks Church, Aberdeen we have had a regular attendance, averaging 15 men and women every week who have come along seeking a solution. Thankfully we can now pass on the message that was so freely given to us in as undiluted a way as we possibly can.

We would also like to thank you for the early contributions that you made to our group with several B2B books and Speakers Notes.

From Walter S
Date: January 28, 2008

God Bless You for this Magnificent Resource! There may be hope for the Survival of the AA Program after all. Bravo! Thank You So Much!

From Billy S
Date: December 27, 2007

Thank s Wally , for your gift to AA . The re-discovering and publishing of the Back to Basics Format . I am seeing some people who were having a terrible time finally get the program . Also I want to thank you for making the history of AA available on DVD . I'm looking forward to the release of Back to Basics 101. We are presently running  several B2B meetings up here in Mass .  

God Bless Your Efforts ,,, Billy S

From Dylan
Date: August 2, 2007

As a Christian in a 12 step program that spun from AA (after Bill W. died - he would be grateful for us), I view the first one hundred in AA as I view the 1st century Christians or prophets in the old testament.  And I want to do what they did.  But I've been powerless.

My sponsor asked me to order the B-To-B book and plans to have several newcomers join us in the 4-week program.  I see our fellowship limping along compared to many of the founders' stories I read in the back of the Big Book.  Very few 'recoverED' addicts are in our meetings so the tone of recovery is seldom properly set.  Most believe we have to settle and its born from our group conscience. 

My prayer is that we can revolutionize our fellowship and see God's hand move (starting with me!)

From Janet G
Date: May 19,2007

Back to the Basics saved my life! It gave me the real AA program as a newcomer. Without it I would have never been taken through the steps in AA and  returned to drinking!

I thank God every day for AA--- specifically for Back to the Basics!!!!!!!

From Art H
Date: Apr. 28, 2006

I just wanted to write you to let you know that I have finished taking a group of 3 of my sponsees through the HTLTG program at my home on Sunday mornings.  Our meetings began with breakfast at 9 a.m. and then we began reading and discussing the book until 11:00 a.m.

All indicated that they now feel much more connected to their Higher Power and have had their horizons broadened concerning the applicability of 2-way prayer in their lives.  They are also ready to take others through the material.  I suspect that in a few years we will have hundreds of persons practicing prayer and meditation in this manner.

Thanks for putting this information together! 

From Lew P
Date: Apr. 21, 2006

Dennis F (altoona, PA group) showed me the maaterial, WOW. It was an amazing experience. I can't wait for our first meeting. God Bless 
Lew P

From Bill W
Date: Apr. 20, 2006

Wally, I just can't tell you how much God has changed my life since I went to my 686th meeting (7 months sober) at Steve's B to B.  I was about worn out with "The Program" and 5 minutes into B to B,  I knew I was home.

Your friend in Dallas,
Bill W.

From Freda
Date: Sept. 8, 2002

hi wally,

thanks for doing what you are doing,,, i know that you have sacrificed 'stuff' that probably meant a great to you at one time... to follow God's guidance and bring back to basics to all that will have it.
i just want you to know that you are a man sent by God to change this world... one person at a time....
my whole being has been hugely changed, effected... i feel like i have been plumeted into that 4th demention, talked about in the big book... i can't explain it any other way!!

thank you for your committment... as was said tonight..
committment is
a difficult job... i notice the word job..
and also said was .. committment  is deep calling to deep
BEGIN HEALING YOUR WORLD... (guidance tonight)
our world has been sick because we have kicked God out
wally, you have taught me this weekend how to
and many others at the meeting... and the many others we will share this with... and on and on!!
thanks for being you,
thanks for being here,
thanks for obeying God,
thanks for all that you do,
my life will never be the same because of you.

love in recovery,

From Mary
Date: Sept. 30, 2002

I went to your back to basic workshop in Allen Park Michigan, that day change my life.  At the time I had 24 years sober, I had thought I had work the steps, but my life did not seem right.  That day with you change my life, I took the steps for the first time.  I found my God.  I am deaf in one ear and hard of hearing in the other, I miss a lot.   But that day with your help I got on AA.


Because of this day, I have able to help others do this too.   In Southfield Michigan we started a  meeting using the back to basic book , we are in the fourth one,  I have seen around 80 people go thu this so far and come back to help others, yes Wally this is growing. 


I have sent the Back to Basic Book to Australia, and A Group in Australia has started a meeting to.


Thanks Wally


From: Tim M.
Date: July 19, 2001

I received a copy of your B2B book and leaders binder a couple of months ago and recently finished reviewing and studying it. WOW!

It was refreshing to see someone put into such a meaningful presentation those principles which I believe will work. Those principles that have been diluted or forgotten in most current AA meetings.

I congratulate you again on a fine job! Your work will save many a life.

Does your experience confirm that people could pick up your workbook and put it into practice as they used to with the Big Book? That is, without the benefit of attending one of your seminars. Your philosophy is so consistent with what I am doing with my chronic relapsing babies that I think I could do it.

Thanks for your time and God Bless.

From: William S.
Date: July 9, 2001

Your book "How To Listen To God" has just come into my life. I am fouteen years sober and struggling with how to turn my life over to God and with how to trust God. Never have I been so excited with the future potential provided with your book. My thanks to the author. Please come back to Texas so that I can attend one of your seminars...Bill

From: Denise P.
Subject: Back to Basics-Detroit MI
Date: Thu, 17 May 2001

Dear Wally,

      I met you last Saturday in Detroit, Michigan at the Back to Basic's seminar.  It was a very important part of my recovery to meet you.  I'm starting my 2nd 4th step this weekend.

      You helped me a great deal when you told me to do a separate Step 6 & 7, just on forgiving myself. I don't hate myself today. I'm also happy I'm still alive, clean and sober.

       Not too long ago, I felt hopeless and I wanted to die.  I had tried AA before, but it never worked.  I continued to sink deeper and deeper into my living hell.

      This time I wanted to do something different.  I have a wonderful sponsor who started taking me to the Back to Basics meetings. This time something is happening to me.  Something I can't explain, but I like it.

     I have always believed in GOD.  I wouldn't be here today or a lot of other terrible things would of happened to me if I didn't.  Now, I'm slowly feeling the spirituality of A.A. and it's awesome!!!  That deep empty hole is starting to fill up with love and happiness.

      I hope to see you again.  I plan on telling everyone I know about the Back to Basics meetings and book.  I still need to read "How to Listen to GOD."  I still feel uncomfortable doing my writing in the morning, but my sponsor says to keep writing the thoughts down.  Thank you for helping me see that I can and GOD can help me forgive myself.  The shame and guilt have been lifted and the freedom to grow is within me.

Love Denise P.

Username: Whitney T
Date: 07 Apr 2001

The Back to Basics program saved my life. I had been in and out of the rooms of AA for ten years and never been sober. Last May, I entered treatment AGAIN but was willing to take the suggestions of my new sponsor who suggested we do Back to Basics together. I credit Back to Basics with saving my life as I had never worked the AA program just merely attended meetings. This program thrust me into AA and got my program going. I now have 11 months of sobriety and have completed the Back to Basics program three times. I learn something new from it every time. God Bless.
                                                                                                    -- Whitney T --.

Dear Mr. P.:

Would you please send me literature, books and/or materials on your Back to Basics program.  I feel the program would be an asset to the already existing program of Alcoholic Anonymous.

After Attending Back to Basics for one year I found it extremely valuable in the beginning process of my recovery.  It would be an honor to share this with other inmates here at Papago.

Papago unit is mainly a D.U.I. treatment facility.  Inmates co-ordinate the AA programs.  They would welcome the approach of the Back to Basics program.  There are a lot of men here who would benefit from Back to Basics, including myself.

I am eagerly awaiting your reply and looking forward to your input on starting Back to Basics here at Papago.  Since you are the author of this material it will meet the Department of Corrections criteria for me receiving books, manuals, etc.  You can send it to the above address and I will receive it directly.  

Rod B. (a member of Alcoholics Anonymous)

I want you and the group to know that I have been sober and happy since attending B to B on Tuesdays.  It will be 2 yrs come July.  The group at B to B really put me on the right track that I just couldn't find at other AA meetings.

Even with the situation I am in now,.I can be happy with my three way connection with God.  The meeting after the meeting where we shared guidance left a life-long spiritual awakening for me.

I am here on a previous charge (D.U.I.)that I received before meeting your group.  I wish everyone well.  I have a strong feeling that no matter what hards times fall, the Back to Basics group will find happiness.  I know it has worked for me.

One thing I would especially like to share here in the prison is the paper on How to Listen to God.  If you could send me some information or a B to B book, it would be great.  Thank you and the group, you're doing great work.

                                                            -- Anonymous --

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