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2018 Holiday Greeting from the Back to Basics “Team”


2018 can be best described as a year of transition as we expanded our horizons and made numerous new and improved presentations. Our “marching orders” for the year have been:


    “They are coming in younger and younger and sicker and sicker and in order to save their lives, we must get them through the Steps quicker and quicker.” (Wally P.)


As a result of this change in focus, our seminars, workshops, and meeting formats have become even more effective. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. It is beyond our wildest dreams that Back to BasicsBack to the Basics of Recovery, and Basic Recovery have become such important programs throughout the world for overcoming addictive and compulsive behaviors.


In addition to the seminars, workshops, and presentations we made this year, we used Skype and Russian translators to take members of the recovery community in St. Petersburg and Moscow through the Steps. We also conducted a Skype sponsorship workshop in St. Petersburg.


We presented Back to the Basics of Recovery in Iceland in support of the Icelandic translation of the book along with the “Fifty Key Paragraphs” handout we use to take newcomers through the steps “quickly and often.” The Icelanders converted the “Fifty Key Paragraphs” into a small, pocket sized pamphlet that is being used throughout the country.


Also, in our travels we met the team that is translating Back to the Basics of Recovery into Norwegian and the lady who had translated Back to Basics into French two years ago. We are planning visits to Norway and France in 2019.


We are in the process of converting the Spanish translation of the Back to Basics book into Kindle and Nook versions so they can be distributed to those in need at a price they can afford, considering the per capita income of those living in Mexico, Central America, and South America.


Some of our new programs include:


Basic Recovery is for all addictive and compulsive behaviors. This is typically a 2 ½-3 hour mid-week workshop or an all-day (10:00 am to 3:30 pm) seminar during which attendees take ALL Twelve Steps using the Surrender, Sharing, Amends and Guidance format. Attendees include treatment center alumni and members of ALL Twelve-step recovery programs. For these workshops and seminars, we use the “Big Book” with passages converted to gender neutral and modified for all addictive and compulsive behaviors. Basic Recovery has also been adapted for those who are incarcerated and those in drug court, or other diversion programs.


In the Symbols of Recovery workshop, we use the square, triangle, circle and red cross to rep-resent the recovery process. Because it is an introduction to the Steps, this 1-1 ½ hour workshop was originally designed for those in their first 30 days of treatment. However, we have presented this workshop many times to the entire recovery community.


Basic Recovery for Co-dependency is for family members of the addict or obsessive/ compulsive. This presentation is typically a 2 ½-3 hour mid-week workshop or an all-day (10:00 am to 3:30 pm) seminar during which family members take the Four Spiritual Activities of Surrender, Sharing, Amends and Guidance using modified “Big Book” passages and supplemental co-dependency literature.


The Sponsorship book is being revised one more time before publication. We are adding a chapter on “Skype or Telephone Sponsorship” as well as a chapter on “Women Sponsoring Women.”


For additional information on our life-saving efforts, please contact us at our Tucson, Arizona World Headquarters (our garage).


Tele: 520-297-9348 ~ ~ E-mail: wallyp@theriver.com or b2bfbsl@gmail.com

Web: www.aabacktobasics.org or www.facebook.com/backtobasicsofrecovery


Happy Holiday Season,



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Wally P TV and Radio Interviews at Mississippi State University for 11/28/17 Back to the Basics of Recovery Workshop
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  4. The Window of Opportunity 

"Step takers, not meeting makers, make it. Meeting makers make meetings. Step Takers make a difference."  -  Wally P

Since the release of the Back to Basics book in 1997, more than 700,000 have been through this "original" Beginners' Meetings format from the 1940's that produced a 50-75% recovery rate during the early days of the recovery movement. We are seeing similar results today in the more than 7,000 meetings held each week. Click here for a meeting in your area.


During 2018 Wally P. will be conducting seminars and workshops throughout the United States
and around the world.

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2019 Back to Basics Seminars and Speaking Engagements
If you would like Wally to conduct a Back to Basics, How to Listen to God or a Back to the Basics of Recovery seminar in your area, 
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How to Host a Back to Basics Workshop then
Brit S. at: 520-333-9798 or email at b2bfbsi@gmail.com.
Date Location/Contact Agenda
January 19, 2019

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Havre de Grace MD
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  Beau M (410) 273-2276
Back to the Basics of Recovery
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What has happened to our success rate?
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How to Receive Divine Guidance 
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and also you can click here for the Wally P Feedback on the Continuum of Recovery and How to Receive Divine Guidance letter.
Wally P Self Centeredness Anonymous Talk 2
Here is a link to the YouTube Self Centeredness recording

You can help support Wally's writing efforts and the publication of some of the hundreds of thousands of pages of archival materials Wally has amassed over the decades by making a donation to FWWPCO.
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2017 Holiday Greeting from Wally P.
2017 B2B Team Picture
2017 Not Quite Abbey Road Picture


Cliff B. Article Titled, What has Happened . . . ?
Published 07/23/2004
Considered by many to be A.A.’s Wake-up Call

“. . . The alcoholics who participated in the writing of the “Big Book” didn't wait (to take the steps). They took the Steps in the first few days following their last drink. Thank God, there are those in our Fellowship, like Joe and Charlie, Wally, etc., who have recognized the problem and have started doing something about it. They are placing the focus back on the “Big Book.”


Wally P. has no royalty arrangement with AA Back to Basics and receives NO income from any literature he has published nor from CDs / DVDs he has produced. He insists that this is his Twelfth Step work for which he cannot be paid.


We thank you for your interest in our life-saving Back to Basics A.A. seminars.
If you would like Wally or one of his protege's to conduct a Basics A.A. Seminar in your area, please click on
How to Host a Back to Basics Workshop and then contact Brit S. at: 520-333-9798 or email at b2bfbsi@gmail.com

in Auburn CA with Flyer (pdf)
in Loomis CA with Flyer (pdf)
New Meeting in New Haven CT with Updated flyer (pdf)
New Time for meeting in Van Nuys CA
meeting for Garland TX with Updated flyer
Gibb Mansion Meeting Brooklyn NY
New Meeting in Florence KY
New Meeting in Washburn WI

The Deerfield Beach Fl meeting (The Bottom Line Group) is now the Pompano Beach Fl meeting

(Click the link for the new location details)

Québec UPDATED! 5 Meetings added!
Glen Allen VA UPDATED! Meeting since 1999!

"Authors note: I do not believe in 'making money out of A.A.' Any proceeds from this book, after out of pocket expenses are met, will be used to distribute books at no cost to individuals and groups who cannot afford to buy them."

Tradition 5. Each group has but one primary purpose-to carry its message to the alcoholic who still suffers.

After receiving notification from the General Service Office about our mission statement, the Board of Directors of the Back to Basics Foundation met in a special session and voted to change the wording of the statement so it would be in compliance with the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The Board also voted to move all materials pertaining to other Twelve Step programs to separate web sites, so there would be no confusion about the primary purpose of the Back to Basics Foundation.

We ask for your patience in this matter because, at the present time, we have no means to accomplish this objective. We have no paid employees, and continue to operate with a negative cash flow. If it is God's will, there will be sufficient individual donations to make the wishes of the Board of Directors a reality.

The Back to Basics Foundation is a 501 (C) 3, not-for-profit Corporation dedicated to saving the lives of alcoholics. Our modified mission statement is listed below.

For more information, please click here.

Links to other websites

Links from these pages to other websites outside the domain of aabacktobasics.org do not constitute an endorsement by this website or the Back to Basics Foundation. The Back to Basics Foundation is not responsible for nor does it control or monitor the content of those websites or the accuracy of the information found therein. The Back to Basics Foundation is not affiliated with any of those sites.

Mission Statement - Who We Are

The Back to Basics Foundation is dedicated to saving the lives of alcoholics by showing them the sheer simplicity of the "original" A.A. program of recovery and by guiding them through the Twelve Steps as they were taken by many of the A.A. pioneers in the 1940's. During this period of time, the A.A. recovery rate from alcoholism was 50-75%. We are seeing similar results today for those who are willing to remain involved with the Back to Basics A. A. Beginners' meetings for three to six months.

We accomplish our objective by coordinating the recovery efforts of the numerous Back to Basics A.A. Beginners' meetings and groups, answering questions as they arise, following up on Twelfth Step calls, and assisting groups with their registration at the local, area, and General Service Offices. We also conduct one day and weekend seminars based on the Back to Basics A.A. program and distribute recovery literature and other materials on the A.A. Beginners' meetings.

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